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An Outstanding Shade Tree in Just THREE YEARS!

Paulownia "Orienta" is a very fast growing ornamental tree. It can grow up to 15 feet in the first year....

The tree is perfect for the beautification of residential properties, and makes great borders around yards. The tree is deciduous, this means it drops it's leaves in Fall allowing sunlight to gardens and yards when it's most needed.

In the very early part of Spring, the trees produce a brilliant display of mauve-white blossom in racemes that look like masses of cascading orchids. Please note the trees do not generally produce flowers until year 3.

The blossoms last 2-4 weeks then the tree re-foliates with it's enormous lush and exotic leaves creating a luxuriant, cool Summer shade. The leaves can grow up to 36" in diameter in the first 2 years and look just like elephant ears.

"Orienta" will definitely enhance the beauty of any yard with flowers that will perfume a garden with a delicate fragrance. A definite paradise for birds and gardeners alike.

Site Selection

Paulownia "Orienta" prefers well drained sites with full sunlight. They will not tolerate wet land or shaded conditions.


Paulownia OrientaDig a large hole 18"x18"x2' deep, mix a little sand with the soil along with organic fertilizer, (compost, animal dung or chicken litter), partially fill hole, place plant in hole with the top of the root ball approximately 2" below the ground level. Pack the mixed soil firmly around the plant. Water in with 2 gallons of 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer. (Peters 20-20-20 or Miracle Grow) Water at least twice a week for the first 8 weeks if there is insufficient rainfall.

Use liquid fertilizer once a month for the first growing season.


Keep the trees to a single, main stem. Prune off lower leaves and remove all suckers. Always maintain 10-12 main leaves. DO NOT over prune. As the tree gains height over the first 1 - 2 years, prune it up to where the desired canopy should start. How to prune Paulownia.

Fertilize each year with granular slow release 10-10-10 or similar, approximately 18" - 24" out from the tree trunk. If leaves discolor, fertilize more regularly.


Paulownia 4" x 4" Pot

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Fertilizer Planting Tablets &
Planting Instructions.

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Paulownia One Gallon Pot

PRICING Includes S & H via UPS Ground,
Fertilizer Planting Tablets &
Planting Instructions.

Flowering Ornamentals


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Ornamental prices include UPS Ground shipping to your door, fertilizer tablets & all planting & care instructions. Order early to guarantee your ship date.

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WPI has several different ways to pay. Check - Money Order - Cashiers Check Mastercard, Visa, Discover and PayPal ( Call 1-800-615-7306, 1-800-706-5037 or email World Paulownia for your invoice total before sending your payment.

Placing an order early, also gives you the option to make monthly payments until your order is paid off prior to shipping. If you order early you can secure your order with a 25% deposit and pay the balance at a later date with check or credit card. International orders via wire transfer or credit card.

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  • All pricing includes shipping & handling, planting fertilizer tablets and planting and care instructions.
  • All orders north and west of Arizona must be shipped UPS 3-Day Select. Please call for pricing for this service.
  • California and Canada require a Phytosanitary Certificate from the US Department of Agriculture for all tree orders.
  • Place your order early for 2015...Shipping begins in April (after your last frost)
  • Planting and Shipping season for paulownia is April thru October


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