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World Paulownia Institute, LLC (WPI) is the Worlds largest producer and supplier of genetically superior tissue cultured Paulownia seedlings.

Paulownia Hardwood TreesWPI’S "STATE OF THE ART" tissue culture and micro propagation laboratory in Lenox Georgia is totally dedicated to Paulownia research and development. This unique facility has the capacity to produce Hundreds of Thousands of genetically superior Paulownia tissue cultures - in vitro "rooted plantlets" per month.

World Paulownia Institutes team of dedicated professionals have  developed  “New Clones” SUPER SELECT™ SERIES of Paulownia Varieties. These Super Clones have been selected and developed to allow WPI to supply seedlings that meet the diverse climatic chalenges encountered across SE USA and International Growing Zones. International Clients wanting Paulownia Seedlings please visit our International Ordering page.

SUPER SELECT™ Paulownia Varieties include

  • ORIENTA SUPER SELECT™. (Ornamental Shade Tree)
  • "BIG" SUPER SELECT™. (Short Rotation Biomass Energy Crop)

Each order of  SUPER SELECT™ seedlings is carefully chosen to  meet the Geographical conditions, Climatic variability, soil type, rain fall, average monthly high and low temperatures and number of growing days in the specific growing zone to be supplied.

WPI’s Flag ship ELONGATA SUPER SELECT™ has been developed  especially for the SE United States. Initially plant material was selected from Australia and China. Many trees have been planted across various International growing zones with careful monitoring and only the very best plant material chosen for the development of our SUPER SELECT™ series of Genetically Superior Paulownia seedlings.

World Paulownia LabThe A to Z of growing  Paulownia is handled by WPI professionals. From our STATE OF THE ART plant production laboratory to Site selection, land preparation, planting services, plantation maintenance and management, timber harvest and buy back program, utilization of the harvested timber  at our own Sawmill facility and the Marketing and Export of dimensional lumber yes we do it all  IN HOUSE.

Our Laboratory produced “Super Select™” tissue cultures and seedlings are produced under controlled sterile conditions to exacting standards ensuring uniform, strong, healthy and disease free plantlets.

In SE USA the best time to plant is Spring time (after the last frost in the area) however we do ship and plant seedlings April through October. Orders placed are shipped on a first come first serve basis and are normally shipped within 7 days of order placement (during the shipping season).

Advance orders are advised (November thru March) for early Spring shipments as the first part of the planting season is hectic to say the least.

Place Orders Early To Avoid Disappointment

International Orders
Our seedling Export department operates year round to accommodate orders from International customers. Orders can be emailed, faxed or called in during normal business hours 9 am to 4 pm eastern standard time.

“Please be advised” that in most instances import permits are required from the agriculture department of the country that the plants are being shipped to before we can apply to the US Department of Agriculture for Phyto Sanitary Clearance to Export.

Payment Options

WPI has several different ways to pay. Check - Money Order - Cashiers Check – Mastercard, Visa, Discover and PayPal ( Call 1-800-615-7306, 1-800-706-5037 or email WPI Customer Service for your invoice total before sending your payment.

Placing an order early, also gives you the option to make monthly payments until your order is paid off prior to shipping. If you order early you can secure your order with a 25% deposit and pay the balance at a later date with check or credit card. International orders via wire transfer or credit card.




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